Future Wiring Made Simple

Installing "The Box" can give you an advantage over your competitors...

In Touch C is presenting you with an opportunity to define your company as a leader in this extremely profitable field.  In the next few years, every new home will have some sort of premium cabling system and pricing will become more competitive.  That's not the case today.  Right now, only a small percentage of people are installing a network/cable system of any kind.  You can take advantage of future demand and offer customers an affordable, quality system.   

The HomeLine™ System was developed over the past three years after evaluating the needs of customers of both large and small homes.  The future of technology and the skill level of the average installer were also taken into account.  The resulting system is universal, fits any size home, and will keep up with the future needs of technology.  Installation is easy enough to be done by an electrical apprentice. 

The New Homeowner

When considering a wiring system in newly built homes, most people want to enjoy the benefits and convenience of having multiple jacks for telephones, computers and TVs in rooms throughout the house.  However, the cost of equipment that makes every wall jack live (like amplifiers, splitters and computer hubs) can be very expensive.  Often, these home network systems are limited in applications (with a one-design-fits-all approach), leaving homeowners with few options for upgrades other than the original manufacturer's own products.

A Simplified Wiring Protocol

In Touch C has developed a wiring protocol that fits the vast majority of homes being built today.  While you are still free to run any wire, in any configuration, to any location, Universal HomeLine simplifies your wiring specification.  You do not have to calculate amplifier sizes, or the number of splitters.  Nor do you have to worry about running the right wire to the right location for a computer jack.

Training for a Universal HomeLine™ installation is minimal.  There are only two types of connectors to learn, a Coax and a color-coded Cat5e.  The panel is well organized and has a separate label space for each wire, which eliminates confusion for the installer and the homeowner.  To insure that the job is done right, testing the wiring is as easy as differentiating a red light from a green one.

An Easy to Understand System

The Universal HomeLine System is unique because it divides a home's communication structure into two distinct categories: lines that come into the house (such as Telephone, Cable TV, Internet, Satellite, etc.) and lines that run throughout the house.  In effect, the cabling system is separated from the distribution (electronic) equipment by using two main service boxes, the UniHub™ and the UniPort. The UniHub gathers all of the outside wiring into one "control panel."  These wires are connected to Modules in the UniHub™ that distribute the service (a network hub for example). The UniPort™ panel houses the end connections of all phone, data, and video lines running through the house.   Simple jumper (also called patch) cords are used to easily activate desired wall jacks by connecting the services from the UniHub™ to the UniPort™.  In this respect, the Universal HomeLine™ concept is very much like that of a conventional telephone switchboard. 

All wires are connected, labeled and ready to be used at a moments notice.  The UniPort™ panel is large enough to terminate all wires and there is no need to coil spare wires behind the panel.

The UniPort™ panel and UniHub™ are stack-able.  If you need more wiring capacity, all you have to do is stack a second or third panel on top of the first.  The same panels used in smaller homes can be used in larger homes as well.  Just add as many panels as the size of the home requires.

Installing a new digital wiring system for homes is slowly becoming a standard. Installing "the Box" is not only the best product for this application, but it is also the easiest to install. Being a dealer can be both rewarding and profitable.


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